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    МЫ ГОВОРИМ ПО-РУССКИ филиал компании Seaboard Properties . Он расположен в лобби кондоминиума ViewTalay 6 и специализируется в продаже и аренде квартир в районе центральной Паттайи.

Seaboard Properties

Головной офис компании Seaboard Properties расположен в здании кондоминиума ViewTalay 7 и предоставляет весь спектр услуг для работы с недвижимостью во всей Паттайе и пригородах. Мы предлагаем квартиры, дома, земельные участки и коммерческую недвижимость.

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Для удобства мы можем конвертировать цены на объекты в другую валюту согласно текущему обменному курсу Центрального Банка Таиланда.
Конвертируемые цены даны только для ориентировки, окончательные расчеты производятся в тайских батах.

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Our Company

Established in 2002, Seaboard Properties is today the leading Real Estate Agency in Pattaya with two large offices in prime locations, serving hundreds of clients each year.

Under German leadership we have developed into a well organized, dynamic and vibrant Real Estate Agency with more than a decade of proven track record, committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients, trusted by major Property Developers and private clients from all over the world.

Our Mission

We will make buying and selling of real estate as effective, save and easy as possible while maintaining the highest level of service. Providing accurate and up-to-date information, realistic analysis and sound real estate advice to each client. Continually exploring new ideas and technology, to make selling and buying of real estate faster, less costly, and more innovative.

For each client, we will work as hard as we can to find the perfect home for them. We remain committed to provide our clients with an professional and honest service in order to archive our clients goals and maintaining our excellent professional reputation.

Our comprehensive database offers hundreds of homes to choose from. Sales and Rental Listings with properties in all variations, locations and price ranges, along with our advice and guidance pages provides for our clients a fundamental start-up assistance when it comes to find the perfect home in Thailand. With personal attention and expertise, our clients will be guided to the successful completion of each deal.

Our Values

We are committed to operate to the highest standard of professional ethical norms and values.

Honesty... to be forthright and truthful in dealings with all clients.

Responsibility... to accept the consequences of our decisions and live up to given promises.

Fairness... to balance correctly the interests of our Buyer and Seller clients.

Respect... to maintain the basic human dignity, value individual differences, avoiding stereotyping anyone of any ethnic group and ensure the respect.

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